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Featured Artist Of The Month HD Entertainment Rap Artist Quincy

It is amazing to me that a young man who was never a member of a gang,puts the never broke the law, did good in school and is a family man, is able to spit truth about street life the way he does! He  life of the streets in layman’s terms. His lyrics make you close your eyes and really comprehend visually the life as if watching it in film. You feel it to! He spits,he spats words that play like a flute and then slows it down and he lays it smooth like a sax. With the beats bumping in a perfect cohesive rhythm, the music makes for perfect harmony. It almost sounds like I am speaking about singing, but no this is a street sound that simply makes you feel real emotion. Check out the video of his first single Let’s Go! It will get you up and going and doing, and living! That cut is just a preview of what is to come on the CD. He really get’s real! Check it out!

Check out the brand new “Let’s Go” video here http://bit.ly/Quincy-Lets-Go-Video and purchase the debut album “Ready” on itunes tonight http://bit.ly/Itunes-Quincy-Ready

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    Take another look! I really love the music!

    February 13, 2012 at 3:16 pm

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